Ask our Experts: How soon should I start my puppy's dental routine?

Posted by Dr. Nina Mantione on Dec 05 2011

Petplan pet insurance staff veterinarian Dr. Nina Mantione answers your Ask our Experts questions...

Question: I read in a previous issue of fetch! that I should brush my pet’s teeth every day. I just brought home a new puppy – Theodore, a two-month-old English Bulldog. How soon should I start his dental routine? Will he lose his puppy teeth if I start too early?

Answer: This is a great question, because most pet owners tend to overlook this important part of pet health. Don’t be afraid to start brushing those puppy teeth on the first day you bring him home. It may take a little bit of training and a lot of rewards, but over time, brushing teeth will become second nature to you and your puppy. Starting this routine early on will make it an easy task as your pup grows and matures.

Tooth brushing on a daily basis helps to prevent the formation of dental tartar and inflammation of the gum tissue, called gingivitis. These aren’t huge issues in a puppy, but can become problematic later in life, so it is important to establish good dental care habits early on. And you are correct, those little sharp teeth are baby teeth and he will lose them between three and six months of age!

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