Beat the Summer Heat - Petplan pet insurance on hot weather hazards

Posted by Dr. Kim Smyth on Jun 22 2011

While yesterday was technically the first day of summer, many of us have already experienced weather that has been less spring-like and more like the dog days of deep summer. Below are some common summer considerations for every pet parent:

Hot to trot

The sidewalk and asphalt can get in the summer sun – if it’s too hot to walk on barefooted, it may be too hot for your dog’s feet, too. Some dogs have nicely calloused feet and seem like they could walk on hot coals without even noticing, but other dogs have more sensitive feet. I have seen foot pad burns more often than I can count, and I feel so bad for my patients because not only have they been burned, they are forced to walk on their burns!

A dip in the pool

Pools provide much needed relief from the heat, but they can also be dangerous territory for your pooch. If your dog is a swimmer, take care to never let him swim alone. Even if he is a strong swimmer, there is always a chance of drowning. Even a near drowning episode can be life-threatening in dogs, as some dogs succumb later to a collection of fluid in the lungs, known as pulmonary edema. Play it safe by always supervising your pooch’s pool time.

Things that go bump in the night

Don’t forget anxiety-inducing summer occurrences like thunderstorms and fireworks. As we discussed in a previous blog, some pets are sensitive to these loud noises and may need help coping during these times.

Summer time is certainly a time to enjoy. Taking the precautions to protect your pet can help you avoid heartache and unnecessary (and costly) veterinary visits.