what is the best insurance plan for cats and kittens?

What Is The Best Insurance Plan For Cats and Kittens? | Man hugging his tabby cat
Posted by fetch! blog editors on Jun 04 2020

No matter what age your kitten or cat is, it’s important to protect them from unexpected injuries and illnesses. The best insurance plan will cover the most common feline conditions.

If you’re still on the fence about whether to enroll in cat or kitten insurance, take a closer look at how expensive some common injuries and illnesses can be to pay out of pocket.

Average claim costs for common cat injuries:*

  • Foreign body ingestion: $1,676
  • Lacerations: $349
  • Vehicular trauma: $3,010

Pet insurance injury protection

Pets are curious and clumsy so it’s important to look for coverage that includes new injuries. It also helps to find a provider who will cover the complete sick visit, including the exam fees. It will help if telemedicine consultations, diagnostics, treatment and prescription medications are considered standard in your policy.

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But don’t just get protection against injuries; common illnesses can be equally devastating.

Average claim costs for common cat illnesses:*

  • Gastrointestinal parasites: $102
  • Upper respiratory infections: $222
  • Ear mites: $206
  • Kidney disease: $314
  • Heart disease: 495
  • Hyperthyroidism: $256
  • Periodontal disease: $863
  • Cancer (Lymphoma): $595

Pet insurance protection against illnesses

With comprehensive illness coverage, you will be able to ensure your cat gets the best veterinary care for common conditions such as periodontal disease. This is crucial as by age 2, 70% of cats have begun showing signs of this gum infection. Find a provider who covers holistic and alternative therapies as well as recommended prescriptions and supplements at no extra charge.

Pet insurance protection again congenital and hereditary conditions

You’ll also want to make sure your cat’s policy covers congenital and hereditary conditions, as well as chronic diseases. Common congenital and hereditary diseases such as hernias and Brachycephalic Syndrome could set you back around $858* or $1,699* respectfully. Some chronic conditions may require rehabilitation therapy so check the provider’s terms and conditions to see if that’s covered.

Pet insurance for older cats

Another factor to note when shopping for a plan is that many pet insurance providers will not cover a pet past a certain age or, they’ll offer limited reimbursement options.

If you’re enrolling your senior cat and they have a medical condition, this pre-existing condition will not be covered by any pet insurance provider. All pet insurance providers also have waiting periods that kick in as soon as you enroll. This means that any injury or illness that occurs before the waiting period ends will also be considered a pre-existing condition.

Having a comprehensive insurance policy in place early ensures that you won’t have to worry about the cost to care for your cat should he/she become sick or injured.

*Based on Petplan claim data

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