what is the best insurance plan for dogs and puppies?

What Is The Best Insurance Plan For Dogs and Puppies? | mom and son playing with their two doodle dogs outside
Posted by fetch! blog editors on May 29 2020

Taking care of a new dog or puppy is a big job – one that is equal parts exciting and expensive. By choosing the best pet insurance, your dog and your wallet will be protected against common injuries and illnesses.

To give you a better idea just how expensive vet bills can be without puppy insurance, let’s take a look at the average claim costs for some of the most common injuries.

Average claim costs for common dog injuries:

  • Foreign body ingestion: $3,168
  • Lacerations: $393
  • Fractured/broken bones: $2,602
  • Vehicular trauma: $1,228

Pet insurance injury protection

It’s not unusual for playtime to result in an accident or injury. Find a provider who will cover your pet’s entire sick visit (including the exam fee) and physical therapy. It’s smart to find a provider who doesn’t limit your coverage based on the number of injuries or accidents your clumsy dog encounters.

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Just as injuries and accidents can happen without warning, illnesses can also unexpectedly pop up. One glance at the average claim costs below shows the importance of enrolling your pet before an illness occurs.

Average claim costs for common dog illnesses:

  • Upper respiratory infections: $288
  • Ear infections: $210
  • Skin allergies: $225
  • Vomiting and diarrhea: $515
  • Periodontal disease: $897
  • Bladder stones: $1,780
  • Cancer (i.e. Carcinoma): $967

Pet insurance protection against illnesses

Coverage for new illnesses is a must, but be on the lookout for a plan that also covers holistic care, dental injuries and disease as well as prescriptions. It helps if your plan covers virtual veterinary visits or telemedicine consultations without requiring a copay or deductible.

Pet insurance for older dogs

It’s no surprise that senior dogs are more prone to injury and illness. Unfortunately, some companies restrict coverage for these pets when they need it most. Find dog insurance that welcomes your pet at any age.

Pet insurance protection against congenital and hereditary conditions

You’ll also want to make sure your dog’s plan covers congenital and hereditary conditions, as well as chronic diseases. Treatment for Brachycephalic Syndrome costs over $2,000. Liver shunts could set you back $1,000 while hip dysplasia and heart defects each average around $400 each.

Be aware, pet insurance providers have waiting periods that kick in as soon as you enroll. If your pet has an injury during this time, it will be considered pre-existing and will not be covered. Before you enroll in a pet insurance plan, review the provider’s terms and conditions so you know what to expect.

Average claims costs based on Petplan claim data.

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