can dogs eat oranges?

can dogs eat oranges?
Posted by Jennifer Maniet, D.V.M. on Oct 24 2014

There’s zero debate in the vet and pet-owner community about whether a healthy lifestyle for our pets is important, and vitamins play a key role. Essential for a healthy body, the benefits of vitamins are universal among pets and people. While we may supplement certain vitamins in our own diets to prevent deficiencies, should we do the same for our pets? Let’s take a closer look at Vitamin C for a better understanding.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can prevent damage to the cells of the body. Unlike humans, dogs and cats naturally produce vitamin C on their own so it’s not necessary to add any vitamin-rich foods or supplements to their diet. However, if you’re looking for a special treat, it’s best to know what is safe to feed your precious pet.

Are oranges safe for dogs?

Oranges (especially the peels) may upset your pet’s digestive system (stomach and intestines). They also contain a lot of sugar, which is not ideal if your pet is overweight or has other medical issues like diabetes. Supplementing vitamin C may also put them at risk for developing certain types of kidney or bladder stones.

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Are oranges safe for cats?

No, oranges are not safe for our curious feline companions. The same safety and health concerns as previously mentioned for dogs applies to cats too.

The bottom line: Oranges and other citrus fruits seem like vitamin-packed treats, but they are not needed for our pets. When it comes to any diet changes including supplements, be sure to always discuss it first with your veterinarian.

To protect your pet’s healthy lifestyle, consider pet insurance as soon as possible. On the off chance your pet accidentally gets into your bag of oranges and needs an unexpected trip to the vet, having pet insurance that covers multiple incidents of food or foreign body ingestion can help you focus on getting your pet the best care.

Updated on 1/6/2020

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