how one cat fell eight stories - and lived

Posted by Petplan pet insurance on Aug 26 2015
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It can happen in two shakes of a tail – among the hustle and bustle of the weekdays or the in-and-out of guests on the weekend, your pet can slither right out the front door. While you might be able to call your pet back in and continue on your way, sometimes that escape can lead to danger. Just ask Wynton, whose open-door opportunity turned into a traumatic adventure:




“Wynton, my little Russian Blue cat explored our terrace (door mistakenly left open by visitor) and fell eight floors,” writes mom Chandi. “After 1.5 hours of drama and heroism on the part of my son, he was rescued from a rooftop and rushed to the New York Medical Center at midnight.”


While any fall is a harrowing experience for a cat, if the fall is over seven stories high, the number of injuries actually decreases because the cat has time to react. So, believe it or not, the high-rise fall was in Wynton’s favor.


“He had a punctured lung, blood in the bladder, multiple fractures of the pelvis and two fractured vertebrae,” continues Chandi. “Ten days in the ICU and three weeks of medical boarding – and two months later Wynton is up and about.”


Though he’s expected to always have a bit of a limp, Wynton has been healing well at home. He’s been released from the confinement of the bedroom and allowed to roam with supervision, much to the curiosity of his feline brother, Louis.




When all was said and done, Wynton maxed out on his Petplan policy benefit – with $10,000 in reimbursement paid to his thankful family: “We are just so relieved to have the little guy back in our lives, his peppy, pixie self. PETPLAN, what can I say? They were simply magnificent. Showed concern, interest and settled the bill efficiently and in a timely fashion.”




Curious about the physics of falls? Check out Dr. Kim Smyth’s blog on high rise syndrome to find out exactly how Wynton could walk away on all four paws.