dollars and sense: top cost-saving tips for pet health

Posted by Dr. Jules Benson on Jun 23 2009


Pets have no concept of money; they do however know when you’re stressed out (they’re quite intuitive). So keep them happy and find some relief for yourself with these cost cutting tips:

Our 5 cost-saving tips for pet health care are:

1. When planning your family vacation this year, why pay for kennels or a house sitter? If you have pets that are tolerant of car or even air travel, plan a vacation that includes pet-friendly hotels: many major hotel chains and lots of independent hotels feature pet friendly accommodations.

2. It may seem counter-intuitive to spend money to save it but DON’T skip your annual vet visits or preventive care. Routine treatments such as dental cleaning and heartworm prevention are incredibly important and can help you avoid a huge bill (not to mention suffering for your pet). In addition, your annual visit is the best chance for your vet to catch disease early and hopefully avoid expensive “critical” situations. For the unexpected veterinary expenses, pet insurance is a great idea.

3. Get smart with their food. Feeding according to the back of the packet is usually giving far too much. Talk to your vet about appropriate food intake (especially if Fido is a little overweight!) then measure food carefully; you’ll be surprised how much further a bag of food goes. If you have friends with similar type pets, why not buy pet food in bulk and split the cost?

4. Increasing the number of activities you and your family do with your pet is not only free but is also good for everyone’s health. In fact, if you can incorporate your dog into your workout (especially jogging) maybe you can cancel that gym membership?

5. Try and cut those extra expenses like grooming and bathing your pet by learning how to do it at home. Take notice of the type of “cut” your pet gets and buy a decent set of clippers (something not to skimp on; poor quality clippers are frustrating to use and often a waste of money) to do it at home. The same applies to routine things like trimming nails and cleaning ears. In fact, keeping on top of these things and making them a “rewarding” activity for your pet will help keep them happy and healthy too!

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