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big things are happening! introducing the fetch! blog

Introducing the fetch! blog from Petplan pet insurance!

At Petplan, we’re always wracking our brains to think of the latest and greatest ways to deliver pet health information straight to the paws of pet parents. After more than five years of publishing veterinarian-authored advice and information via Vets for Pets, we’re giving our blog a facelift!


Our new blog – named after our award-winning pet health magazine – will combine the best elements of fetch! (like product reviews, interviews and frequently asked questions) with some of the things you love on social media (like behind-the-scenes looks at life in the Petplan doghouse, paw-picked pet recipes and incredible claim stories). And of course, we’ll still have our expert vets weigh in on the most important pet health issues of the day.


What to expect from the fetch! blog:

  • Mutt Mondays/Feline Fridays:  our vets answer your most pressing pet health questions
  • Roving Rovers:  we’re hitting the road to highlight the best pet-friendly things to try all over North America!
  • True Tails:  we’ll feature reader-submitted testimonials and extraordinary claim stories
  • Paws Up/Paws Down:  our in-house pets will review products and give you the scoop on what to pick and what to skip
  • Dispatches From the Doghouse:  we’re pulling back the curtain to show you what life at Petplan is really like
  • The Sniff:  we sniff out the country’s top docs for a mini-interview
  • The Dirt:  your questions about pet insurance, answered!
  • Kibbles & Bits:  we’ll dish out mouth-watering recipes from Dr. Ernie Ward
  • Paw it Forward:  we’ll talk about what Petplan is doing to support pets in need and share simple ways to get involved
  • Mews You can Use:  our in-house vets will weigh in whenever there’s a hot topic trending


We hope this new blog format will inform, engage and inspire. Here’s to new beginnings and a lifetime of healthy pets!


Happy reading!

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on July 26 2015 22:48

As i just signed up for your blog, i am looking forward to your information! i live inThe Philippines therefore getting your printed copies are unavailable to me. The Internet is the only way for me to gather information and I'm hoping your blog will help me! My yellow Labrador puppy is only two weeks old and I will be receiving it in about five weeks. At that time I would like to go into full-time training mode so that I can have a great cooperative dog! I am 73 years old and disabled and need all the help that I can get! Thank you so much for your blog!

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