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Posted by fetch! blog editors on Nov 15 2018

Our pets are nothing if not unpredictable.

We can’t predict when our cats will jolt from a dead sleep and launch an attack at a blank spot on the wall, or when their delight at receiving belly rubs will turn into claws out combat. We can’t predict which household appliance our dogs will declare war against, or which pile of mud or loose piece of trash they’ll feel the undeniable urge to roll in or feast upon.

But more seriously, we can’t predict when our pets will become ill or get into an accident. Just like people, pets get cancer, develop heart disease, and catch viruses. They also break bones, eat things they shouldn’t, and get hit by cars. In fact, statistics show that one in three pets will require unexpected veterinary care every year.*

Advances in veterinary medicine

The good news is that veterinary medicine has progressed by leaps and bounds in recent decades, and is now capable of successfully treating most ailments that can afflict our pets. The bad news is that many pet owners can’t afford to spend the hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars that these treatments can cost. The result? Pet parents forced to make heart-wrenching decisions based on their budget, not on what’s best for their pet.

This is where pet insurance comes in. Many pet parents ask themselves if it’s really worth it to pay a monthly premium when they may go years without using the insurance at all. But even when you’re not filing claims, your pet insurance policy is still working for you — providing peace of mind that whatever happens, you can give your pet the best treatment. For many pet parents, pet insurance is worth it to know that while they can’t predict what will happen to their pet, they’ll be prepared.

Is pet insurance worth it for you?

Every family is unique, and everyone must weigh different factors when deciding whether pet insurance is worth it for them. Consider your pet’s breed and research what conditions he or she may be at risk for. Golden Retrievers are particularly prone to cancer, while Labs and Pit Bulls often experience problems with their knees. Bengal cats are prone to heart disease; the Burmese breed is predisposed to diabetes — and the list goes on.

Then, consider what you’d do if your pet were to develop an illness that was curable — but treatment came with a $5,000 price tag or higher. Does your family have savings set aside for such an emergency? Would you be able to cover the cost without ending up in financial ruin?


The majority of pet owners aren’t equipped to cover such an out-of-the-blue expense. Every day, families around the world must confront the choice between saving their pet’s life or protecting their own finances — and the heart-breaking result is curable pets being euthanized simply because their owners are unable to afford the treatment they need. A LOVE UNCOMPLICATED pet insurance policy from Petplan simplifies your life by allowing you to pursue the treatment that's best for your pet. 

For many pet lovers, having a pet insurance policy is worth it simply to avoid ever finding themselves in this position. Finding a pet insurance provider that offers a customizable plan can make monthly premiums affordable — and deliver peace of mind that no matter what unexpected medical needs arise, they’ll be covered.

*According to Datamonitor.

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