suns out, tongues out: tips for traveling with pets

Posted by Dr. Jules Benson on May 06 2009


Ensure you’re welcome before you go:

Call the friend you plan on visiting or the hotel that you plan on staying in to make sure that your furry friend is welcome.

Call your vet before you go:

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Make sure that your pet is up-to-date on all of their shots. And while you’re on the phone with them you might want to ask if they think a sedative would be a good idea.

Do a trial run before you go:

With cats it’s particularly important to test their ability to travel. So try putting them in their carrier for increasingly longer periods of time to see how they hold up.

Give it a jingle before you go:

Make sure that your cat and dog are outfitted with identification tags, just in case they decide that it’s time to go home before you do.

Pack it up before you go:

  • dishes for food and water

  • (for cat) litter and litter pan

  • (for dog) waste disposal bags

  • toys

  • bedding (if necessary)

  • food

  • bottle of water for the car

  • leash

And as we all know, even the most well planned trips run into snags, and making sure that your pet is protected from any accidents and illnesses with Petplan pet insurance will give you even more peace of mind.

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