how to make a memorable vet awards nomination

Posted by Dr. Jules Benson on Sep 09 2013
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If you follow Petplan on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed our Vet Awards Heroes of the Day posts, highlighting some of the best submissions we have received to date since opening the 2014 Petplan Veterinary Awards nominations. Sending in a nomination for your favorite Veterinarian, Veterinary Technician, Practice Manager or Veterinary Practice of the Year is a wonderful way to recognize the extraordinary professionals who help keep your pet happy and healthy, and to say thanks to them for all they do.

With hundreds of nominations pouring in from all over the country each week, how can you make sure yours will get noticed? Consider these tips for casting a ballot that will stand out from the bunch.

Put a name to the face.

Believe it or not, each year we get a number of submissions that do not include the full name of the veterinary professional being nominated – which can make following up on the nomination difficult! While it is understandable that you may not be on a first-name basis with everyone at your vet practice, if you’re taking the time to nominate someone for excellent service, take the time to get their full name! A quick phone call to your vet’s office will help clear things up, and the reception staff will probably be more than happy to help you when you explain the reason for your call. Be sure to get the full first and last name of the person you wish to nominate, and ask for the correct spelling of each.

Tell a good story.

With so many exemplary professionals in the field, a simple, “Great vet, awesome service,” just simply will not do. A good nomination will give us a sense of what makes the nominee worthy of recognition: how they create a good experience for you and your pet, examples of when they’ve gone above and beyond to provide excellent care, a little something about who they are that makes them special. Tell us what moved you to nominate this person (or practice) and how their care has positively impacted your and your pets’ lives, and your nomination will get a lot more consideration than one with less detail. Your entry is the first way we “meet” this person or group, so making a great first impression is key for them to stand out.

Double check the details.

On the form, there is a place for you to select your clinic by ZIP code – many are already in our system, so you just click on the one you use when the list appears. But double-check your selection . While you may visit the Springfield Veterinary Clinic, there may also be a Springfield Animal Hospital, a Springfield Vet Center and a Springfield Veterinary Referral Center in your town. Make sure you’ve selected the right one, or if you’re entering the clinic info yourself, spell it out completely. Writing “Springfield Vet” on your nomination makes the task of tracking down which practice you’re nominating a difficult endeavor (not to mention there could be a vet tech named Cathy at more than one facility!), so be sure to include the full name of the clinic, plus the correct address and phone number for the practice, to ensure that we can give proper credit where credit is due!

With a little legwork, and some thoughtful reflection about what makes your veterinary staff great, your nomination can be the first step toward earning your pet’s favorite team a national award in February! Nominations will be accepted through November 15, so don't wait – nominate your pet’s best vet today.