what to pack in your pet first aid kit

What To Pack In Your Pet First Aid Kit | dog at vet being help by owner
Posted by fetch! blog editors on Oct 30 2014

Emergencies can happen at any time. Lucky for your pets, you’re ready for anything. As their personal "Pet First-Aider" you make it your responsibility to keep a handy pet first aid kit well-stocked and ready to go.

At Petplan, we recommend a simple, easy-to-carry kit, complete with the most useful items for most pet emergencies.

Your basic pet first aid kit checklist

Petplan Safety First Survival Guide

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You can even find ready-made kits at pet stores. Just make sure to personalize yours with your pets’ vaccination and medical history, and contact numbers for her vet and emergency after-hours vet clinic. This handy poison reference guide can hold both your contacts and the numbers to call should an accidental poisoning occur.

When you take the time to prepare in advance, you’ll be ready for the pet accidents and injuries you never saw coming. Combined with a comprehensive pet insurance policy, it's the best way to be ready when trouble strikes.  

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