do you need pet dental insurance?

German shepherd dog with toothbrush in mouth promoting pet dental insurance
Posted by fetch! blog editors on Feb 15 2016

Updated February 21, 2019

Every pet parent worries about the “big stuff” that can affect our pets, like cancer or knee injuries, but we rarely think about their dental health. And while we know pet insurance covers those accidents and illnesses, many people with pet insurance aren’t aware if their plan includes coverage for dental injuries and illnesses.

But here’s the truth about the tooth about pet oral health: 85% of all pets have signs of periodontal disease by the time they’re 3 years old – and that’s not the only thing that can wreak havoc on your pet’s pearly whites! Injuries like tooth fractures are common, too (particularly if your dog is fond of chewing). Vet bills for dental treatments can really sink their teeth into your budget – which is why having pet insurance that can help pay for unexpected, non-routine dental treatments is essential.

Petplan’s comprehensive dental coverage protects all teeth against multiple accidents and injuries including broken teeth, periodontal disease, extractions and advanced dental treatments such as root canal therapy – with no dental condition exclusions.

What dental conditions does Petplan pet insurance cover?

As long as the condition is not pre-existing, Petplan policies can cover treatments for:

Periodontal disease - average cost $1,054 

Fractured and broken teeth - average cost $1,493

Gingivitis - average cost $693

Tooth extractions due to injury or disease - average cost $925

Retention of deciduous teeth - average cost $610

Tooth root infections - average cost $706

*average costs to treat condition in pets according to Petplan 2018 claims data

Not only is dental disease extremely common, but it’s also very painful and can snowball into serious systemic health issues. Pet insurance gives you peace of mind that if your pet shows signs of dental disease, you can treat it before it progresses.

Preventing dental issues in pets

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