pet insurance review: moush the armenian gampr

pet insurance review: moush the armenian gampr
Posted by fetch! blog editors on Dec 10 2019

Claudia owned many different types of large dogs before, but when it came time to get her German Shepherd, Zora, a playmate, she knew she wanted an Armenian Gampr. The stunning landrace breed is traditionally used to guard livestock and has not been subjected to the same selective breeding that most modern breeds have undergone. The strong-minded Armenian Gampr relies heavily on instinct, which is exactly what got Claudia’s young Moush into trouble.

“I usually put Moush in another room, but forgot one day. He was sunning himself by the door when the mailman came by.”

Believing he was protecting his pack from an intruder, the two-year-old, 165-pound pup jumped up on the family’s glass French door, shattering it with his sheer weight and cutting a couple of his tendons in the process.

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“Blood was everywhere! I wrapped it up as best I could. His regular vet wasn’t available so we took him to the emergency clinic.”

Moush was placed in a metal splint and bandaged for a few weeks to stabilize his leg. Much to the Armenian Gampr’s chagrin, the vet instructed Claudia to limit Moush’s movement to only short walks to relieve himself. Over the following month, the family eased Moush back to the active lifestyle he loved.

Without pet insurance protection, Moush’s family would have been responsible for the entire treatment cost, a whopping $2,020! Thankfully, the protective pup had a dog insurance policy from Petplan, meaning his family received a $1,571 reimbursement check.

“All you have to do is line up the papers, take a picture and submit. I don’t know how it could be any easier.”

Moush the Armenian Gampr in splint and Elizabeth Collar

How pet insurance helped Moush

For Claudia and her family, Petplan was the only pet insurance provider they trusted with their beloved Moush.

“I actually looked at all the providers. When I compared reviews and costs online, I decided Petplan was the best option.”

When asked why she thinks every family should protect their pet with insurance, Claudia responded, “With pet insurance, you have to go to vet once a year. It makes you a better, more diligent pet parent.”

And while Claudia may not allow Moush to watch the mailman deliver anymore, she is happy her handsome dog has made a full recovery.

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