pet insurance review: didi the toy poodle

Pet Insurance Review: Didi the Toy Poodle | Didi the Toy Poodle
Posted by fetch! blog editors on Jun 17 2020

Many believe that only older pets bring hefty vet bills. But in her first few months at home, 1-year-old Didi proved that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The struggle to find a diagnosis

Caecelia noticed her Toy Poodle’s vomiting and loose stool did not improve after two days and decided to get her checked out.

“First, the vet thought it could be parasites, but every 4 to 6 weeks Didi’s gastrointestinal symptoms flared up. The stress was unbelievable. I felt that I was losing my Didi,” Caecelia remembered.

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When the two returned to Canada West Veterinary Specialists for the same symptoms, the team recommended thorough diagnostics – blood work, fecal tests, an ultrasound, an ACTH stimulation test – for an accurate diagnosis.

The ultrasound showed that sections of Didi's small intestines were abnormally thick and inflamed. While the vet team waited for the various test results, the young pup was put on a modified diet and an appetite stimulant.

At Didi’s follow-up visit, a second ultrasound showed the inflammation in her intestines had not improved but had actually spread to the stomach. To rule out the possibility that the Toy Poodle ate something she shouldn’t have, her vet conducted an endoscopy. The stomach showed no foreign bodies and despite the frequent vomiting, the esophagus appeared normal as well. Biopsies from the stomach and small intestines came back negative for cancer.

In the end, it was determined that Didi suffered from chronic enteritis, suspected to be due to inflammatory bowel disease. A special diet with the right prescriptions helped the young pup get back on track.

Today, Didi’s health has significantly improved; she’s more energetic and at a healthy weight for her breed.

Didi the Toy Poodle

How Petplan helped cover the cost

Didi’s countless vet trips, necessary diagnostics and treatment resulted in a $6,688 vet bill. Her early enrollment in Petplan though, meant her mom received $5,002 in reimbursement.

According to her trusted vet, Didi will need to remain on some prescriptions indefinitely. Because of this, frequent follow-up visits are needed to ensure the long-term medication use does not cause any negative side effects. And Petplan will be there to help cover those costs, too.

Why Caecelia chose Petplan

“I talked to several pet owners who told me that instead of paying for pet insurance, they set aside money every month. Well, I questioned my ability not to use the funds for other needs, so I decided to enroll in pet insurance.”

Finding the monthly premium reasonable given the comprehensive coverage, Caecelia chose Petplan for her two dogs.

“Even though I hardly filed a claim for my older dog Bo, I wanted to make sure that my dogs would be taken care of when they were sick or needed emergency care. Didi's medical expenses have exceeded what I would have spent on insurance for the rest of her life. I am so grateful to Petplan, and that I decided to insure both of my dogs.”

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