pet insurance review: jessie the tabby cat

pet insurance review: jessie the tabby cat | Jessie the tabby cat and Artemis
Posted by fetch! blog editors on Aug 01 2019

Suffering from a chronic illness, Eric Sprung was advised by friends that getting a pet could help improve the day-to-day struggles. Naturally healing with unconditional love, a cat, they reasoned, would provide the perfect distraction.

That’s how Artemis, a ten-week-old Ragdoll kitten, found his new home. But this “maniacal ball of energy” needed a companion that could keep up with his antics. Four short months later, Eric rescued his second feline friend from GoodMews shelter - a ginger Tabby cat he named Jessie. With a penchant for rough play, the two quickly became best friends.

This indoor kitty's medical struggles

A common misconception among pet owners is that if their furry family member never leaves the house it won’t encounter life-threatening dangers and therefore, cat insurance is not necessary. Thankfully, Eric knew better.  

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“Even though both cats are indoors only, I got Petplan early on.”

When Jessie was just 20-months-old, Eric found her hiding and vomiting whenever he touched her. After some rushed bloodwork, it was revealed Jessie had high creatinine levels.

Creatinine is the result of normal muscle metabolism. Entering the bloodstream after it’s broken down, creatinine needs to be removed by the kidneys so it can exit the body through urination. Jessie’s high creatinine levels were an indication that the kidneys were not capable of performing their duty and consequently, of kidney failure.

This is very unusual in such a young kitten, so the vet recommended Eric immediately take Jessie for an ultrasound at a specialty clinic nearby.

After the additional testing, Eric received grave news: Jessie had a ruptured bladder, which most likely caused the kidney problems. She also required emergency surgery to live.

How Petplan helped cover the cost

Eric quickly called Petplan to make sure the tests and surgery would be covered in Jessie’s customized plan.

“I felt very relieved to authorize the go-ahead,” Eric remembers.

Jessie received the care she needed and happily returned home after recovering at the hospital for four days. As to how it happened, Eric speculates that it was the same rough play his two cats were so fond of that landed Jessie in the emergency room.

Once it was all said and done, the cost to save Jessie’s life was a startling $5,075. Of that, Petplan reimbursed $4,167.

Both cats are now six and haven’t lost their taste for playtime, but Eric doesn’t worry – he knows that Petplan has his family’s back should anything go wrong.

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