pride parade safety for pets

pride parade safety for pets
Posted by fetch! blog editors on Jun 17 2019

June is Pride Month! If you’re one of the many pet parents heading out to celebrate universal love at a local parade, you may be wondering if it’s safe to bring your pet along. In a large crowd, there's a risk your pet could easily be overwhelmed, hurt or lost. But if you do bring your four-legged advocate, follow our helpful guide to keep them safe and comfortable. 

Don’t put your pet at risk. Instead of bringing them to the crowded parades, seek out pet-specific events. Select cities are having Pawrades and Yappy Hours with fun activities and adoptable animals.

Don’t forget to do a dress rehearsal. From rainbow tutus to collars and handkerchiefs, it can be fun to have your dog dress the part. But if they aren’t comfortable in their colorful outfit at home, they won’t be on the day of the parade.

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Don’t ignore the parade’s rules. Some parades are adopting stricter pet policies due to the large crowds – it’s best to know before you go.

Don’t forget vaccinations. Not only will it protect your pet against the unexpected, but it protects other attendees, too.

Don’t use a loose harness or collar. You wouldn’t want your dog to wiggle free and be lost in the crowd.

Do take pictures. Your pet has never looked cuter!

Do ask permission. Before you approach someone’s pet or introduce yours, just ask. Not only is it polite, but you can’t predict another animal’s behavior.

Do scout the parade route. Some parades will have booths specifically for pets to take a much needed break. It’s smart to seek out the less crowded, family-friendly areas as well as plan easy escape routes for bathroom breaks.

Do bring a blanket. You’ll create a safe space for your pet while keeping them off the cement or pavement.

Do review our 7 Tips for Safe Fun in the Sun. Cooling bandanas and vests are a must for soaring summer temperatures. Since your pup can’t communicate when he/she is feeling overheated, make sure you also study the signs for heat stroke and exhaustion.

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