tips for keeping your pet's coat healthy

Posted by Dr. Jules Benson on Aug 06 2009


It’s so unfair. Your dog can roll in dirt and still her fur looks fabulous. What’s her secret? A healthy scalp, of course. Naturally shiny fur is the hallmark of a thriving pup. Now your doggie diva can get that fresh-from-the-groomer look every day. Just read on for the healthy coat tips every pup parent should know.


Good Fur Day Foods. A gorgeous coat starts with a balanced diet. So choose the highest-quality food you can afford with no grains, corn or added fillers. Read the food’s ingredient label to ensure a daily balance of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. And for that extra shiny coat (and a flavor boost to boot), mix in a splash of fish oil when you serve up a scoop. Your dog will thank you for it.

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Shampoo Schedules. The natural oils from your dog’s skin keep her coat glossy, so it’s best not to rinse them away with too-frequent baths. Your vet can help you set the right shampooing schedule for her breed. When you do wash your dog, just make sure to use a mild pup-safe shampoo to avoid itchy skin under all that fur.

Brisk Brushing. Brushing is excellent way to bond with your dog. So take the time every few day to brush away dandruff and massage her scalp. The American Kennel Club recommends brushing all the way down to the skin to stimulate circulation and relax the lucky pup.

Go for the Glow. The benefits of fresh air and exercise shine through in your dog’s coat. Keep her active and well-hydrated, and before long, she’ll have that cover dog fur every dog desires.

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