summer kitty cautionary tales

Posted by Dr. Jules Benson on Jul 30 2009


Your kitty cat must be exhausted. All that basking in the sunshine and batting at butterflies takes a lot out of a cat. No wonder she can’t be bothered to worry about her health and safety. Good thing she’s got a pet parent like you. With your help, your cat can sail through summer without a scratch. These simple safety tips make it easy.


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Window Wisdom. Kitties love to watch the world outside. But too often at Petplan, we hear heartbreaking stories about cats who fall from window sills. The window was open, the screen was out, the kitty lost her balance and contrary to popular belief cats do NOT always land on their paws. That’s probably why they have 9 lives. This summer, help protect your cat from a tragic window accident. Keep your windows closed or screens down all season long.


Yard Guard. Rolling in the grass, the sun on their fur -- life’s good when you’re a cat. But even these simple pleasures come with risk. Many common lawn care products include chemicals and pesticides that are toxic to pets. And since your kitty rolls on the grass and licks her fur, it’s worth it to use pet-safe lawn products wherever your kitty plays. We are big fans of echochem’s pet friendly lawn care products

Cool Cats. She may act cool, but you know the truth. Your cat gets really hot in the summertime. But you can help her beat the heat (and avoid heat stroke) but letting your cat stay indoors, especially on the hottest days. With a bowl of fresh water and a nice spot to sleep, and she’ll be cool and comfy all summer long. We should all be so lucky.

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