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Posted by Dr. Jules Benson on Mar 27 2009




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In an office where pet photos cover the walls it’s easy to see how important every tail and whisker is to Petplan. Our customers are our friends and our family, even if we’ve never met (though there is nothing we enjoy more than a visit from our policyholders, four legged and otherwise) them. And, luckily, our policyholders feel the same way about us, as you can see on Pet Insurance Review (a third party pet insurance review website).

So when someone loses a pet, due to illness or accident, Petplan feels it. Like in June 2008 when a Philadelphia row home caught fire taking with it the home next door and the dog that lived in that home. The firemen couldn’t get to Perky* in time and he died of smoke inhalation. Fortunately, his brother Petey*, with minor burns, survived. His treatment for minor burns and smoke inhalation at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Teaching Hospital was over $1,800 and Petplan pet insurance picked up the whole bill.



Petplan is more than a pet insurance provider, we’re a pet health company. So we want all of our clients to be happy, healthy and as safe as possible. Which is why we made this alert sign for you to personalize, print and put in a window or on your front door. It tells fireman how many pets you have, what they look like and what to call them. So, hopefully, everyone makes it out, unharmed.

*Names have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.

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