bringing home bo: tips for the transition home

Posted by Dr. Jules Benson on Apr 15 2009


Bringing home a new puppy can pose a challenge, especially for a presidential pup in his first night in the White House! Here are some tips to make the transition to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (or anywhere else) easier:

First thing’s First:

Show your new pet where his food and water bowl is. If it’s a pooch, show him where he’ll need to go “out” and if it’s a cat show him is litter box. (White House lawn anyone?)


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Odds are your new pet has already been eating a certain kind of food, so to make his transition easier - continue with it. If you’d like to change it, make the change gradual as to not cause any stomach upset. (And perhaps let the White House chef know that scraps aren’t in order just yet.)


Often puppies feel safer in smaller spaces, so a crate with a blanket over it can be the most comforting. Adding a blanket or towel that has some of his mothers scent makes him feel even more at home. If you’re bringing home an older dog or a cat, then a nice new bed is in order. (Right in the middle of the Obama daughter’s room please. Thank you.)


Make sure that there are plenty of things to chew on and scratch on before bringing your furry friend home, so they’re content and, well, so are you. Also, exercising them regularly whether it be chasing a ball or going to the park, you’ll bond and they’ll have less energy to get their paws into trouble. (Yes, nobody wants chew marks in the Oval Office.)


A fenced in yard to ensure he doesn’t wander off is always a good thing. But should your dog roam or your cat decide to check out the neighborhood, make sure that they can be identified with a microchip. (Because odds are that the Secret Service isn’t going to have an eye on Bo at all times.)


Start off on the right foot with a visit to a veterinarian. And to ensure good health and happiness for a lifetime, there’s Petplan pet insurance. The only pet insurance that covers all accidents and illnesses, even hereditary ones. (Of which, Portuguese Water Dog’s are no exception. Unfortunately.)

Welcome to your new home Bo. We here at Petplan hope that the transition is as easy as rollin’ around in the sun.

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