3 tips to reduce seasonal allergies in pets

Posted by fetch! blog editors on Apr 21 2009


Similar to hay fever in humans, pets can suffer from seasonal allergies too. Whether it is to a certain type of pollen or something in the leaf litter, the common signs are licking and chewing at paws or skin, increased scratching at ears and sometimes obvious reddening or scabbing of the skin. While many pets may require medications to help them through these tough times, there are some steps you can take to help lessen the signs:


If your pet chews at their paws, make sure to gently clean them when they come in from playing or walking outside. Using even just plain warm water, or adding a little bit of a gentle pet shampoo can help to remove some surface allergens.

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Add fish oils to their diet. Using Omega-3 oils (e.g. cod liver oil or salmon oil) can help to increase the overall health of their skin.


Use a hydrating shampoo. Ask your vet their advice on gentle hydrating shampoos to increase their skin’s natural resistance to irritation.


Despite these simple steps, many allergic pets will continue to have signs; consult with your vet on what they feel is the most appropriate form of treatment long-term.

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