a look at Thanksgiving from a pet point of view

Posted by Dr. Kim Smyth on Nov 26 2012

NOT feeding them a Thanksgiving feast: Dogs and cats are particularly prone to pancreatitis during the holidays, when they may be exposed to high-fat human comfort foods. Turkey with all the trimmings is tasty, but too much of a good thing will land your pet in the hospital. Instead, if you must indulge them, offer a few bites of white meat turkey (no skin) on top of their normal food. Be particularly mindful to avoid giving them onions and garlic, which can be toxic. Stuffings and turkey heavy on sage should be avoided, too, as the essential oils in the herb can cause gastrointestinal upset. Also, never feed your pet turkey or poultry bones. They are hollow and can easily splinter, causing oral and intestinal damage.

The new toy you got them for Thanksgiving: Yes, we said presents for Thanksgiving. Take away the temptation to scrounge for food while you dine with family and friends by keeping your pet busy with an interactive toy.

The special treats you made them: While you’re getting your holiday baking on, don’t forget to include treats for your pets. We’ve taken the guesswork out of recipe-searching by providing a few vet-authored, holiday-flavored treats for pets!

Keeping up with regular vet visits: Doing this allows your pet’s veterinary team to keep him up to date on vaccines and parasite control. Regular veterinary exams also give you and your vet a heads up on potential illnesses.

Keeping them at a healthy weight: Though your pet may look from his food bowl to you with puppy dog (or kitty cat) eyes, he really does want to thank you for keeping him slim and trim. It will help him avoid certain illnesses and injuries, and if he should find himself in a medical pickle, he will recover faster if he’s in tip-top shape. To keep him there, limit the amount of food (and treats!) he eats, and be sure to exercise him daily.

Getting them microchipped: If your dog or cat gets lost, nothing will bring them home to your loving arms faster.

And finally, your pets would definitely thank you for protecting them with pet insurance. There’s no better way to keep your holiday season budget under control!

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