a review of west paw's zisc flying disc

Posted by Petplan pet insurance on Jul 22 2015

Frankenstein “Frank” Harris, Giant Schnauzer
The best part of my day? That’s easy — when Dad gets home from work and asks if I want to play catch. We usually play with a Chuckit! disc, so when he pulled out the Zisc® a couple weeks ago, I wasn’t sure what to think.

It took a little getting used to, but after adjusting my timing (and taking a few throws off the forehead) I was able to catch it, no problem. Luckily it was soft! Its shape made it tough to pick up off concrete. But it also flew forever. I was able to really open up the throttle and blow off some steam. Any disc is fun to catch, but I really enjoyed this one!

Ryan Harris, Pet Parent
The mouth of this beast has claimed many a Chuckit! disc — he goes through one roughly every ten days — so I was glad to test a flyer that claims durability as one of its main benefits. I’m happy to report that after two weeks of use, it shows almost no signs of wear.

The heavy material it’s made of seems to be practically dog-proof, which is nice. But be aware that this will cause some sliminess. It actually ended up on the roof at one point because it slipped out of my hand! It bounces, floats and is easy to clean.

One difference is the way it flies compared to our usual disc. Where the Chuckit! disc tends to hang up in the air for a bit, the Zisc sails much farther before coming down on a harder angle. Because Frank’s running farther, it took fewer throws to burn off his energy.

Dr. Elizabeth Perone, Petplan Staff Veterinarian
Flying discs can be a great way to exercise and bond with your best friend. It’s important that your pooch demonstrate basic obedience, and that you can trust him not to take off running. As running after a disc and trying to catch it can be a fairly rigorous activity, your pet should also be in good shape and not at risk for injury to his joints or spine. If you have any concerns about your pet’s health and baseline fitness, consult your veterinarian before starting.

When it comes to selecting a disc, the most basic criteria are that the disc be soft, flexible and resistant to their sharp teeth. It is also important that the disc be of a consistency that will not damage, chip or break your dog’s teeth while they catch or chew on the disc. The Zisc easily meets these requirements.

I did notice the website describe the disc as “dishwasher safe.” While this may be technically true, I would recommend against washing it there, as this type of plastic can tend to trap the taste and smell of detergent over time. Opt instead for mild dish soap and be sure to rinse and dry thoroughly.

Final Verdict: Paws Up!