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petplan on the importance of microchipping your pets

Buying new accessories for your new pet is always one of the most exciting parts of acquiring a new family member.  You go to the pet store, find the perfect collar to match the color of their fur, get a tag engraved and it is final, your new pet is marked as a piece of your family!  While ensuring your furry family members are appropriately collared and tagged is important; unfortunately, it is not a permanent form of identification, and might not be there for them in a life or death situation.  In fact, the best protection for your pet is invisible.

To best protect your pet, talk to your veterinarian about getting your newest furry family member microchipped.  Microchips are about the size of a grain of rice and can be implanted at any time quickly and painlessly.  Microchips, unlike tags, never fade, fall off (or out) and are always easily read. Talk to your veterinarian about the different brands of microchips and what programs and benefits they all have to offer you and your pet.  

A story highlighting the benefits of microchipping was recently brought to the attention of the staff at Petplan.  The story involved a Petplan-protected cat named Depot who snuck out of a screen door one sunny afternoon and ventured over 200miles.  Depot’s family did everything in their power to find their beloved kitty; they contacted all their local animal shelters and veterinary hospitals, searched their local neighborhoods and even contacted an animal communicator, but it was Depot’s microchip that saved the day! Depot’s family received a call from HomeAgain that he had been found on a dump truck and turned over to the local animal shelter. When they scanned his microchip, they discovered this kitty has come a long way from home and contacted his pet parents. .  After nearly a five- and-half hour drive, Depot was reunited with his devoted family!

Heartwarming stories like this always challenge the notion of “it won’t happen to me,” but wouldn’t you rather do everything you can to protect your pet?  Microchipping should be considered part of routine care, just like vaccinations.  Improve your pet’s chances of returning home in the event your pet decides to go on an adventure. 

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Posted by Alexis Morrison
on May 03 2016 20:44

When I adopted my 7 year old cat from the Huane Society they offered to microchip her for $30 as she wasn't chipped. Took them less than a minute to do. My vet would have done it for $45. Microchipping shouldn't be very expensive. I'm gad I did as my cat is a darter and could escape some day!

Posted by terry ann whitby
on December 02 2012 11:07

she will be microchiped in a month

Posted by Carol Oberholtzer
on October 08 2012 19:46

Does the gold plan cover the cost of microchipping and dental cleanings?

Posted by Ava Patrovich
on March 01 2012 10:15

i want to get my dog microchipped do i bring him to my vet? and around how much does it cost?

Posted by Nick Doyle
on November 20 2011 08:03

How can you receive the 10% discount for microchipping your pet? My cat, Finley, is microchipped and I would like receive the discount if possible.

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