Cat Insurance

Coverage for all nine lives

What is cat health insurance?

You want your cat to be safe and healthy always, but accidents can happen at unexpected times. If they get sick or injured, cat insurance helps pay the vet bill. From the time she's a frisky kitty, to her senior years and beyond, Petplan has you covered.

There's a 33% chance your cat will need unexpected vet care this year.

Unexpected vet visit? Here’s how Petplan pet insurance works


Get treatment

Visit any licensed veterinarian in the U.S. or Canada. For those times when your cat thinks your hair band is a snack.


File a claim

Submit a pet health insurance claim online or from your phone with the Petplan app. Because less paperwork is the best kind.


Be reimbursed

Look out for a wallet refill in around 5 to 14 days.

Note: Petplan, like most other pet insurance providers, does not cover routine and preventive visits, pre-existing conditions, or elective procedures.

What do I need to know before getting cat insurance?

At Petplan, we want to keep things simple for cat owners. We offer options that can flex according to your budget and pet's needs. Just take note of the following factors that may affect their pet insurance cost:

    • your cat's age
    • your cat's breed
    • where you live
    • your annual coverage
    • reimbursement level
    • annual deductible

See how much other cat parents saved with Petplan pet insurance

  • Meet John and his kitten, Cinnamon.

    His kitten was treated at the vet for a kidney disorder and his vet bill was $1,389.

    Petplan reimbursed $1,000; John only paid $388.

    John's Petplan

      • Joined Petplan
      • 8 weeks ago
      • Coverage
      • $15,000
      • Location
      • Atlanta, GA
      • Deductible
      • $250
      • Breed
      • Domestic Shorthair
      • Plan Price
      • $25/mo
  • Meet Patience and her cat, Phinnley.

    Her cat was treated at the vet for a urinary tract obstruction and her vet bill was $1,167.

    Petplan reimbursed $800; Patience only paid $366.

    Patience's Petplan

      • Joined Petplan
      • 2 years ago
      • Coverage
      • $25,000
      • Location
      • Denver, CO
      • Deductible
      • $250
      • Breed
      • Siamese
      • Plan Price
      • $24/mo
  • Meet Sam and her kitten, Winston.

    Her kitten was treated at the vet for inflammatory bowel disease and her vet bill was $2,877.

    Petplan reimbursed $2,339; Sam only paid $537.

    Sam's Petplan

      • Joined Petplan
      • 11 months ago
      • Coverage
      • $25,000
      • Location
      • New York, NY
      • Deductible
      • $250
      • Breed
      • Domestic Longhair
      • Plan Price
      • $29/mo

Why Petplan pet health insurance?

Protection for kittens + adults

Some providers deny coverage for older pets. Petplan provides cat insurance for pets as early as six weeks of age, with no upper age limit for enrollment.

Covered For Life®

While your policy options may change, including the amount of annual coverage, co-pay, deductible and premium, once your cat is protected by Petplan, we will never cancel your policy due to your pet’s age, health or claims history.

What cat insurance does (and does not) cover.

Accidents + injuries + illnesses

Petplan covers unexpected accidents, injuries and illnesses, including hereditary and chronic issues such as kidney disease.

Diagnostic treatments

Lab tests like bloodwork are covered if they are needed to treat or diagnose a coverable injury or illness.

Veterinary exam fees

We’ll cover the cost of any exam by a licensed veterinarian to treat or diagnose a sick or injured pet, including emergency and specialty care.

Prescription medications

Medications prescribed by your veterinarian to treat an injury or illness are covered, including nutraceuticals. Vitamins, heartworm and flea and tick preventives are not covered.

Imaging - MRI, CAT scan, ultrasound

We cover imaging such as MRIs, CAT scans and ultrasounds to treat or diagnose a coverable condition.

Cancer treatments

Petplan proudly offers coverage for oncology care and cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and cyber knife.

Dental treatments (non-routine)

Petplan will cover non-routine dental treatments such as broken teeth or periodontal disease as long as your pet gets an annual dental exam and any treatment recommended is carried out.

Surgery + rehabilitation

If your vet recommends rehab to treat a covered condition, we’ll cover it as long as it’s performed at a licensed veterinary facility.

Holistic therapies

Holistic therapies such as acupuncture, hydrotherapy, chiropractic treatment and stem cell therapy are covered if the treatment is recommended and administered by a licensed vet.

Referral + specialist treatment

All specialties including surgery, oncology, cardiology, ophthalmology, dermatology, dentistry and neurology are covered by Petplan.

Routine & wellness care

Routine visits for teeth cleaning, flea and tick protection and vaccines are not covered.

Preventive care

Annual check-ups to prevent illness or injury or promote general health are not covered by pet insurance.

Pre-existing conditions

Like all pet insurance providers, Petplan does not cover pre-existing conditions. However, curable conditions that occur prior to signing up for coverage may be eligible for coverage down the road.

Elective procedures

Procedures like spaying and neutering, tail docking, ear cropping and claw removal are not covered unless deemed medically necessary by your vet to treat a covered injury or illness.

Liability coverage

We do not cover any costs associated with an injury to a person or property damage caused by a pet.

Frequently asked questions

File a claim anytime from the Petplan Claims App - it's a fast, easy way to send claims right from your smartphone. See how it works.

There is a 15 day waiting period for injury and illness coverage and a 6 month exclusionary period for hip dysplasia and the knees. Learn how to get the knee exclusion waived.

No, there is no enrollment fee with Petplan

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