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Caring for your kitty is easier with cat insurance from Petplan!

As a cat parent, you want to keep your feline feeling fine, but their curious nature often spells trouble. We know better than anyone, since it was a $5,000 vet bill for our cat, Bodey, that led us to start Petplan!

Thankfully, cat insurance from Petplan gives you the peace of mind that when health hiccups happen, you’ll never have to turn down treatment because of the vet bills, which cost American pet parents 15.73 billion dollars last year alone.

Our data shows that there’s a 33% chance that your cat will need unexpected vet care this year*. Are you prepared to pay for a health cat-astrophe?

because love doesn't pay vet bills...

Every six seconds, a pet parent is faced with a vet bill for more than $3,000. That's a lot of kibble! And costs are set to soar as veterinary medicine keeps advancing. Just check out these claims we've paid for Petplan-protected pet parents:

Petplan Cat Insurance

Costs like that could make any pet parent have kittens!

Luckily, Petplan's pet insurance policies for cats can protect your pet and your bank account by paying you back up to 90% for your kitty's veterinary care. Now that's something to purr about!

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Our cat insurance coverage is the cat's meow!

Your cat deserves the very best protection and our coverage delivers total value.

Best of all, you don't need to pay for extra riders to get comprehensive coverage for hereditary conditions or alternative therapies; it's included in every policy, for cats of any age or breed.

all plans include:

  • accidents + injuries
  • illnesses
  • veterinary exam fees
  • imaging — mri, cat scan, ultrasound
  • diagnostic treatments
  • prescription medications
  • cancer treatments
  • dental treatments (non-routine)
  • surgery + rehabilitation
  • alternative therapies
  • referral + specialist treatment

also included with $15k+ annual vet coverage:

  • loss due to theft or straying
  • death from illness or injury
  • advertising + reward
  • vacation cancellation
  • boarding kennel fees
  • behavioral therapies

putting the power in your paws

Petplan makes cat health insurance simple!

Your cat is one of a kind... shouldn't her pet insurance coverage be, too? With 40 years of experience protecting pets worldwide, we have the expertise to guide you to the perfect plan - and the flexibility to empower you to choose the exact coverage you need.

  • Choose how much coverage you want each year ($2,500 to unlimited)
  • Choose your annual deductible amount ($100 to $1,000)
  • Pick your desired level of reimbursement (70%, 80% or 90%)
  • Enjoy complete peace of mind!

Once you're Petplan protected, you can rest easy knowing that if your feline friend gets hurt or sick, you'll always have help covering the bill for treatment - including the office visit, an expense some other pet insurance providers don't cover.

Ready to protect your cat?

cat-astrophes avoided

Big trouble often comes in small packages - especially when it comes to our curious cat family members. See how pet insurance helped these kitties avoid calamity and fend off hair raising vet bills:

  • bodey

    11-year-old Birman

  • unexpected tail

    $5,000 for treatment of anorexia

  • pippin

    6-month-old Domestic Shorthair kitten

  • unexpected tail

    $2,275 for treatment of corneal ulcer

policies by AGCS Marine Insurance Company, an Allianz company

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  • (full policy limits are reinstated upon renewal)
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  • When it comes to protecting your four-legged family, you want to make the best choices. See how Petplan stacks up to other pet insurance providers, and why we’re consistently rated #1* for customer satisfaction.
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