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The Boxer is a middleweight athlete developed in 19th century Germany, descended from Bulldogs and Mastiffs. Historically, it was used for dog fighting and running down and holding wild boar and other game until hunters could arrive. Boxers are known for standing on their hind limbs and batting at their opponent, which some believe was the basis for the breed's name.

This loving, loyal breed makes a great family dog. They love human affection and are patient and playful with children. They are generally not an aggressive breed, but will likely not back down when challenged, making them a great protector of home and family. They require daily exercise, but because of their short hair coat they need little grooming.

Despite their athletic nature and attitude to match, Boxers are still prone to a number of hereditary and congenital conditions that can adversely affect their health – and your family’s vacation fund. Some of the conditions and illnesses Boxers are prone to include heart conditions such as aortic stenosis and Boxer cardiomyopathy; eye issues such as corneal dystrophy; skin condition such as atopy; stomach conditions such as gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV or bloat); and skeletal problems such as cervical vertebral instability.

Thankfully, Petplan pet insurance covers all hereditary and chronic conditions as standard. Which means if your middleweight athlete inherits more than just his dad’s left hook and his mom’s short-haired coat, you’re covered.

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