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French Bulldog
French Bulldog
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French Bulldog breed information

The French Bulldog (or “Frenchie”) originated as a companion dog and remains one to this day. They were selectively bred in France from early Bulldogs into a “toy” Bulldog and are known for their characteristic “bat” ears.
These adorable dogs are small and muscular with an affectionate, even disposition. Frenchies are excellent companions and are not overly boisterous like some other smaller breeds. Their play may be slightly rough, so appropriate supervision should be maintained when they are playing with children. They require minimal exercise and due to their short fur, little grooming.

Although they are a muscular breed that requires minimal exercise and grooming, French Bulldogs are still prone to a number of hereditary and congenital conditions that can adversely affect their health – not to mention your family vacation budget. Some of the conditions and illnesses French Bulldogs are prone to include:

1. Respiratory problems, such as brachycephalic syndrome 
2. Eye issues such as entropion, cataracts and distichiasis
3. Bleeding disorders such as hemophilia A

Thankfully, Petplan pet insurance covers all hereditary and chronic conditions as standard. Which means if your Frenchie inherits his father’s bad eyes or his mother’s breathing problems, you’re protected.

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