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Portuguese Podengo

The Portuguese Podengo is a hunting dog from — yup, you guessed it! — Portugal, who comes in three sizes, small (Pequeño), medium (Médio) and large (Grande), each size with two hair coat types (smooth and wire coat) and a unique temperament. The Grande was bred to help hunt deer and wild boar, while the smaller sizes targeted rabbits and smaller game. The Pequeño also kept Portuguese explorers’ ships clear of rats after the reconquest of the country from the Moors in the 13th century.

Regardless of size, the Podengo is an athletic, lively dog who excels at agility and makes a fine companion. Her loyal and fearless personality makes her a good guard dog, and her intelligence makes her easy for experienced trainers to teach. She is very active, so daily exercise is a must, and she is usually good with children and other animals when socialized from an early age.

Although generally considered a healthy breed, Portuguese Podengoes can still be prone to some hereditary and congenital conditions that can adversely affect their health — not to mention your family budget. Some of the conditions and illnesses Podengoes are prone to include hip and knee problems such as Legg-Calves-Perthes Disease and medial patellar luxation.

Thankfully, Petplan pet insurance covers all hereditary and chronic conditions as standard. Which means if your Podengo inherits her dad’s sore knees or her mom’s hips, you’re covered.

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