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Russian Blue

The origin of the Russian Blue is subject to speculation, although most people think that it is a natural breed from the Archangel Isles of Northern Russia. Originally known as the Archangel Cat, they were brought from the Isles to England by sailors around 1860.

They are known for their short, very dense silver blue coats that are so unique you must feel it to believe it. Their vivid green eyes and cobra-like faces will instantly gain your favor, and once you pet it the deal will be sealed. The Russian Blue is a quiet, clean cat. While devoted to its owners, it is also undemanding and makes a great addition to a busy family. Its short coat requires little to no grooming, and it has no known heritable disease.

However, like any cat breed, Russian Blue cats are still prone to the same accidents and injuries that can befall any of our feline friends. Thankfully, Petplan pet insurance covers any injuries or accidents as standard. Which means if your Russian Blue develops a nose for trouble, you’re covered.

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