pet insurance policy coverage frequently asked questions

Petplan policies

What do pet insurance policies cover?

Petplan provides comprehensive coverage for the reimbursement of veterinary fees due to accident, injury or illness, including chronic and hereditary conditions. 

Coverage under a Petplan policy includes, but is not limited to: laboratory and diagnostic testing – including specialized chemistry and hematology; surgery – including all hip and CCL surgical techniques; prescription medications for life – including all brand names like Atopica®, Rimadyl® and Denamarin®; non-routine dental treatment – such as tooth extraction and root canal therapy; referral and specialist treatment – all specialties including surgery, oncology, cardiology, ophthalmology, dermatology, dentistry and neurology; imaging – including MRI and CAT scans; rehabilitation – any rehab performed at a veterinary facility; alternative therapies – including veterinary acupuncture, homeopathy and chiropractic therapies.

As with all pet health insurance policies, pre-existing conditions are not covered.

What is a pre-existing condition?

At Petplan, we define a pre-existing condition as a medical condition which first occurred or showed clinical sign(s) before the effective date of this policy or which occurred or showed clinical sign(s) during the policy waiting period.

However, we also recognize that there are two types of conditions: curable medical conditions and incurable medical conditions. Incurable medical conditions that first occurred or showed clinical sign(s) before the effective date of this policy or which occurred or showed clinical sign(s) during the policy waiting period are not eligible for coverage.

Curable medical conditions, which we define as any medical condition or injury that can be completely resolved without recurrence or any manifestations of clinical signs, may be eligible for future coverage after a 365-day curable exclusionary period. Please refer to your policy Terms and Conditions for more information.

What is a curable exclusionary period?

There is a three hundred sixty-five (365) day exclusionary period for any curable medical condition Period that is observed, recorded, or identified up to three hundred sixty-five (365) days prior to the original inception date of the policy or during the waiting period. A second three hundred sixty-five (365) day exclusionary period will apply if the curable medical condition reoccurs within the first three hundred sixty-five (365) days after the original inception date of the policy. If the same curable medical condition reoccurs during the second exclusionary period, then it will be excluded from coverage for the life of your pet.

How do my deductible and co-pay work?

In order to provide the greatest financial flexibility, Petplan offers a choice of deductible and co-pay options. Pets aged 10 and older at enrollment may have limited reimbursement options. 

Annual Deductible
An annual deductible is applied once per policy term to all covered conditions.

Per-Condition Deductible
Unlike an annual deductible, a per-condition deductible is applied to each separate condition during the policy term, and can help keep your premium low if you elect this option.

If you file multiple claims for the same condition (e.g. three claims for treatment related to one foreign body ingestion), your deductible will only be applied once, providing all treatment took place within one policy year.

If you file claims for multiple unrelated conditions (e.g. one ear infection claim and one foreign body ingestion), your deductible will be applied for each claim.

For both deductible types, both your annual limits and your selected deductible will be reset at renewal.

Can I continue to use my current veterinarian with Petplan pet insurance?

Yes! Petplan allows you to use any licensed veterinarian anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. So if you are out of town or on vacation with your pet, you can still visit the veterinarian for the treatment you need.

Does Petplan cover routine care?

No, Petplan pet insurance does not cover routine care. Our policy is designed to give you comprehensive protection against unexpected vet bills for injuries and illnesses.

Does Petplan cover prescription medications?

Yes! Coverage for prescribed drugs (up to a 90-day supply at a time) is included in all Petplan policies, provided the medications have been prescribed by the treating veterinarian as treatment for a covered injury, illness, accident or behavioral disorder.

Does Petplan cover diagnostic testing?

Yes! Providing the treating veterinarian felt the testing was necessary as part of investigating your pet’s illness or injury, diagnostic testing costs are covered by your Petplan policy. Please note, however, that testing and treatment for pre-existing conditions, or for any complications of conditions that are excluded or limited by the policy, such as elective surgery, would not be covered.

Does pet insurance cover behavioral fees for pets?

Yes! Petplan offers $1,000 in coverage* per policy term for consultations with a licensed veterinarian to diagnose and treat behavioral disorders where an underlying medical condition is the cause of the issue. Coverage does not apply to obedience training. For fastest claims processing, we request that your vet indicate the necessity for the behavioral therapy in your pet’s medical records.

Does Petplan cover holistic and alternative therapy?

Yes! Because we realize your pet may require more than conventional treatments to fully recover, we will cover holistic and alternative therapies, like acupuncture, aromatherapy, veterinary chiropractic treatments, and homeopathic therapy provided they are administered by a licensed veterinarian to treat an injury or illness. 

Does Petplan cover elective surgeries?

Petplan's policies do not cover elective procedures such as cosmetic or preventive surgeries, unless required by a veterinarian to treat a covered injury or illness. Examples of elective procedures include, but are not limited to: de-clawing, dew claw removal, anal sac removal, prophylactic gastropexy, ear cropping and tail docking.

Does Petplan cover spaying or neutering?

Petplan does not cover spaying or neutering.

Does Petplan cover teeth cleaning?

No. Teeth cleaning is usually considered preventive or routine care, which is not covered by Petplan or any other pet insurance plan. However, Petplan does cover dental injuries and disease to all teeth. 

Does Petplan cover cremation?

Petplan does not cover cremation.

If you would like further information regarding our policies regarding elective procedures please email Customer Care, or call 1.866.467.3875 to speak with a Happiness Manager.