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Love is in the air…or is that just the smell of a home-cooked meal? Whatever the case, sink your teeth into our February pet health tips for protecting furry family members from their own appetites — today and for the rest of their lives!

Bonus Treat: Download this month's pet-themed wallpaper for your computer, tablet or phone!

Did you know?

Obesity causes or worsens eight common chronic conditions that can significantly impact the number and quality of years you have with your best friend. Learn what they are — and how you can protect your pets against them. 

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One surefire way to avoid unhealthy treats? Make them yourself! Head over to our “Treat Them Well” Pinterest board for dozens of delicious recipes like Paws-itively Peanutty Crudités and Roasted Turkey Medallions! 

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Eat this, not that

Chocolate and alcohol are obvious no-no’s, but even mundane foods can spell big trouble. Read our primer on edible pet health hazards for the full list of verboten vittles, plus household and seasonal items to hide from prying paws. [Learn More]

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