crate and barrel

To crate train or not to crate train, that is one of the many questions pet parents face when they bring home a new puppy! Personally, I am a huge fan of crate training. And while I understand the feeling of guilt you may have when putting that sweet little puppy (and those big brown eyes!) in a crate for the night or while you are at work, what you really need to think about is what could happen if you didn’t.

A puppy left to her own devices operates much like a two-year-old child. Everything that could possibly be chewed on or swallowed, will be. Every nook and cranny will be investigated. And house training becomes a free-for-all. I’ve seen puppies who were left free to roam the house get into all sorts of trouble; including chewing power cords, falling off balconies and eating things they shouldn’t. It is important that you don’t think of the crate as a punishment, but rather as a secure,

comfortable den-like environment that keeps your puppy safe from harm (and encourages better bathroom habits). As your puppy matures into adulthood, you will be able to allow longer periods of time out of the crate when you’re not home. Eventually, you may even find that your dog doesn’t need to be in her crate once she is a mature, responsible adult (we promise, she’ll get there!).