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dressing for seasonal success

dressing for seasonal success

Dogs love having jobs. These “jobs” can be as complex as search and rescue missions or as simple as performing a sit-stay on command. Of course, dressing for success on the job is crucial, especially during the colder months.

Arctic breeds like Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes come equipped with their very own protection against the cold in the form of dense fur and extra padding at the feet to keep them warm. Other large breed dogs with plush coats can also get away without having to dress for the weather, but small breed dogs can have trouble staying warm in the winter months.

For them, a smart, stylish coat will keep them warm and have them looking their best on chilly strolls. Older dogs and very lean dogs (like Greyhounds) may also have difficulty regulating their body temperature as the mercury drops, so include them in your winter clothes shopping spree.

Wearing winter gear will protect your pets from the elements and make for quicker entry to the house because you’ll avoid having to towel them off. Don’t forget shoes, too! Icy conditions can be dangerous for your four legged friends, and shoes help them get a grip as well as keep their feet free from salt and other deicers.

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