fab rehab

Post-op pets don’t usually complain, but those sweet, sad eyes tell another story. The stitches itch, the paw aches, the collar cone’s uncomfortable. Fortunately, your bedside manner isn’t the only thing that can make your furry patient feel better. Here are some of our favorites:

• professional rehabilitation: Help with your pet’s pain and speed their healing by speaking to a trained canine rehabilitation specialist. Your vet should be able to direct you to your local rehab center.

• portable ramps: Give ailing pups a leg up into the car, onto the bed and up the steps. Ramps help to prevent placing adverse pressure on stitches or orthopedic surgical sites.

• support harnesses: Recovering pups can get back on their paws more quickly with a handy support harness. Just slip it on your dog for easy assistance with lifting, standing and walking all the way to recovery (or, for now, outside to the bathroom).

• comfy cones: Finally, the plastic lamp shade look is out. Now your post-op dog or cat can rest easy with the All Four Paws “Comfy Cone,” while keeping his sutures (and dignity) intact.