fit n' frisky felines

Many pet parents have witnessed their kittens effortlessly climbing, pouncing and chasing — it can be hard to get them to sit still! But the more time passes, the more likely it is that naps in the window replace toy hunts.

Less active cats (especially indoor-only cats) are more likely to gain weight, develop health problems or become destructive out of boredom. So how do you light a spark in your sedentary friend? By providing stimulating toys and activities in the safety of your home:

Food Fun: Kibble-dispensing toys appeal to your cat’s hunting instincts more than simply grazing from a bowl. Create your own by cutting holes in a cardboard paper towel roll just large enough to dispense treats or kibble. Seal the ends with tape and let the fun begin!

Jump Start: Encourage your cat to tone up through climbing and jumping by providing plenty of perches at different heights around your home. A laser pointer could encourage him to take the leap! Provide scratching posts and varied-texture surfaces (cardboard, wood or rope) so she can flex her muscles and condition her claws.

Breath of Fresh Air:
Screened porches and outdoor enclosures allow cats to safely explore the great outdoors while staying safely within sight. Some cats are also surprisingly tolerant of a harness and leash, especially if introduced to them in kittenhood!

With a little paws-on creativity and investment, your indoor cat can stay light on her paws well into her golden years.