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Ever notice a day at the beach is typically followed by days upon days of finding sand, well, everywhere? While Fido might not be finding sand in his underwear after a trip to the beach (how does it get everywhere?), some dogs have been known to eat sand. Let’s go over that again because it can seem a little mystifying — dogs that eat sand? Yes, it’s true. While it’s not normal, I’ve seen a case study of one medium sized dog having nine pounds of sand removed from his stomach.

[I know! Again, dogs that eat sand?]

Bottom line, if pooch has been rooting around in the sand, watch for any signs that might indicate an intestinal blockage (straining to defecate with no result, repeated vomiting, signs of stress/pain such as heavy panting, pacing, whining or a distended belly). That’s right, folks, some dogs really will eat anything... So if you do notice any of the above behavior, a visit to the vet is in order.