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It's my personal opinion that cat litter has become the new yardstick of civilization. That's right, I said it. Surely nothing can be so fantastic as a product which enables us to keep our feline friends close without having to suffer the slings and arrows outrageous odors? OK, so perhaps not everyone shares my effusive view, but I think we can all agree that clumping cat litter is a pretty handy invention.

The down side? Landfills. Millions of tons of clumping cat litter ends up in landfills every year. Not terribly eco-friendly, I'm sure you'll agree. The good news is that there are some greener alternatives:

World's Best Cat LitterTM - A boldly named product, WBCL is a corn-based cat litter that is renewable, biodegradable and even "flushable."

CatGenieR - How about never having to touch cat litter again? This is the claim that the makers of the CatGenie make. An appliance that plugs into your house's septic system, it dissolves and neutralizes cat waste and then washes and dries special permanent litter.

The biggest concern some have with both of these products is the possibility of the eggs of a parasite called toxoplasmosis being flushed along with the cat feces into septic systems, and then spread into waterways. While toxoplasmosis is a common parasitic disease of cats, strictly indoor cats are much less likely to be shedding oocysts (eggs). My feeling is that flushing cat waste is the lesser of two eveils (and, currently, the EPA agrees with me).