sock it to me, baby

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*** News Flash! *** Petplan has cracked the case of “The Mysterious Disappearing Socks.” (It’s not your clothes dryer. It’s not a cosmic force removing one sock from every load.) It’s an inside job. It’s your dog.

Petplan regrets to report that after rocks and kid’s toys, your unlaundered socks (and other underwear) top the list of claims for foreign objects ingested by dogs. Seemingly, the stinkier, the better! Unfortunately, this is often no laughing matter; foreign body ingestion can be a life-threatening problem.

So how do you know if your pet’s unsavory fondness for dirty laundry (or rocks or rubber gloves or whole corn cobs, etc.) has caused an intestinal blockage? Lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting (often without actually throwing anything up), altered breathing patterns or a tense abdomen can all be signs that there’s something awry in the intestinal department. In these cases, seek veterinary care immediately; they’ll take radiographs (X-rays) and maybe even schedule an ultrasound exam to see what’s going on in your laundry-thief’s belly.

note to selves: Keep irresistibly dirty socks and any other tempting items out of paws’ reach.