spring shedding

german shepard dog shedding

For some pet parents, the sound of spring is the whine of the vacuum cleaner, as what seems like an unending supply of pet hair winds up on the floors and furniture!

Seasonal shedding generally occurs in the spring, when pets trade in their thick winter coats for shorter, lighter ones in preparation for the warmer weather. This shedding is more noticeable in breeds who “blow” their coats: think Collies, Chow Chows and German Shepherds (to name just a few), who have thick undercoats in addition to their outer top coats. In the fall, pets shed their lighter coats to make way for their winter coats, leaving you on clean-up duty then, too!

To avoid accumulating furry tumbleweeds, step up your grooming in the spring. Brush your pet often (preferably outside!), not only to avoid having to clean the hair off the floor later, but also to help your pet avoid developing painful mats in his fur.

While seasonal shedding is normal (as is milder year-round shedding), there are times when excessive shedding — resulting in bald spots or a very sparse coat — can indicate a health problem. Check with your veterinarian if you notice anything out of the ordinary about your pet’s shedding behavior, as a medical condition could be to blame. Otherwise, get your vacuum ready for its annual workout!