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Expert pet health tips purr-fect for any walk of life from Petplan’s team of veterinary experts.
  • comfortably numb

    Paralysis can be a devastating diagnosis for pet parents to hear ― but...  

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  • fit n' frisky felines

    Many pet parents have witnessed their kittens effortlessly climbing, p...  

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  • just in the lick of time

    Splashing and swimming can be great fun for furry friends, but even ex...  

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  • licking the lumps

    Every once in a while, you might wake up to find that your four-legged...  

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  • tread lightly

    When the weather outside is frightful, we tend to hunker down inside w...  

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  • taking a dangerous turn

    Bloat (gastric dilatation and volvulus, or GDV) is a terrifying concern of all dog owner...  

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  • flash in the pan(creas)

    Pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) is a serious, life-threatening illness that ...  

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  • dropping knowledge

    Most pet parents likely never give a single thought to their pet’s number twos &md...  

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  • rest easy

    Being a good pet parent can sometimes mean saying no, which can be hard when those puppy...  

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  • belly balancing act

    Did you know that 70% of the body’s immune system — your pet’s and you...  

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  • fur-st aid

    Just as we can fall victim to accidents (big or small), our furry family members are also...  

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  • finding the paw-fect fit

    Congrats — you’re adopting a pet! While it’...  

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  • health hints

    Does your new furry friend have a face only a mother could love? Remember, most shelter p...  

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  • vet the new pet

    Shelter pets are given a thorough once-over by a veterinarian before they are placed up f...  

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  • a (furry) friend in need

    As pet parents, we want the best for all pets, even if they don’t live under our ro...  

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  • scents of soothing
    Ever wondered how ants can wander all over the garden (or your kitchen!) but still find their way home? They follow...  
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