How do I enroll?

Answer a few questions and get your personalized quote in minutes.

Enrolling is easy and takes just a few minutes. Pet insurance costs vary depending on several factors so we'll ask you a few questions about your dog's age and breed as well as where you live. If you do not know your pet’s exact date of birth, just provide your best estimate. And if you're not sure of the approximate age of your pet, your vet should be able to give you an estimate based on a physical exam.

We'll provide you with a personalized quote in minutes. The plan we show you is recommended based on your information, however you can  choose your annual coverage amount, reimbursement level, and annual deductible to find a price that fits your budget.

Once you've picked your plan you'll enter your payment information and set up your account. And with Petplan, unlike with some providers, there is no sign-up fee.

Your policy will go into effect the day after enrollment at 12:01am (EST). It's important to remember that you must establish a baseline of health to ensure you policy becomes effective. That means if your pet has not been examined by a veterinarian within six (6) months prior to the effective date of the policy, you need arrange to have your pet examined at your own expense within thirty (30) days of the effective date of the policy (first exam period may vary; see your state specific terms and conditions for complete details). Any medical condition(s) or clinical sign(s) observed or recorded during the first exam, and all costs associated therewith, are automatically excluded from coverage.

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