How do I file a claim?

Filing a pet insurance claim with Petplan is easy. Just log in to your account via our mobile app or website.

From your account you can print a personalized, pre-filled claim form, barcoded for fast processing. Complete and sign the form as directed and email it to us at

Be sure to include your paid itemized receipts and medical records release form.

If this is your pet’s first claim, please sign and forward a copy of the Medical Record Release Form to all veterinarians (including specialist and emergency vets) that your pet has visited for at least the past two years (or for as long as you have had your pet).

You can also submit your claim to us by mail, please send your claim form, original vet invoice(s) and supporting documentation to Claims Department, Petplan, 3805 West Chester Pike, Suite 240, Newtown Square, PA 19073. Remember to make copies of your completed claim form and supporting invoices for your own records.

Partially completed or unsigned forms or claims with missing information critical to assessing your claim, such as missing invoices or incomplete medical records may delay reimbursement.

Remember that you have 90 days for the date of treatment to file a claim.

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