What is needed to make sure my policy becomes effective?

You must establish a baseline of health to ensure you policy becomes effective.

That means if your pet has not been examined by a veterinarian within six (6) months prior to the effective date of the policy, you must arrange to have your pet examined at your own expense within thirty (30) days of the effective date of the policy (first exam period may vary; see your state specific terms and conditions for complete details). Any medical condition(s) or clinical sign(s) observed or recorded during the first exam, and all costs associated therewith, are automatically excluded from coverage.

Your failure to have a first exam of your pet may void the policy. If voided, your policy premium will be refunded. Additionally, any conditions that are related to, caused by, or resulting from medical condition(s) or clinical sign(s) observed or recorded at the first exam performed after the effective date of the policy are also excluded from coverage. This section applies to both new policies and policy years where your pet has not received the care described in Section VII.6.a of the terms and conditions.

As a condition of this insurance, you must take care of your pet and arrange and pay for your pet to have an annual health check; an annual dental exam; and any treatment normally suggested by a veterinarian to prevent illness or injury.

For the avoidance of doubt, if your pet does not receive its annual health check during a policy period of renewal coverage, the next examination will be used as the basis for determining any conditions which will be excluded from coverage.While all applications are subject to underwriting review, medical records are not typically required for Petplan pet insurance enrollment. Based on your pet’s medical history, records may be requested if: your pet is currently taking medication; your pet has had a recent injury or illness; you are re-enrolling your pet with a Petplan policy after there has been a break in coverage.

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