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Petplan pet insurance pays up to 100% of vet bills!

  • Your furry friend could fall ill or injured at any moment. If that happened right now, could you afford to pay a four figure vet bill — or more?
  • There's a 33% chance your furry friend will take an unexpected trip to the vet in the next year. But pet parents in the Petplan family don’t have to worry. Their pets are guaranteed the best coverage, with Petplan pet insurance reimbursing up to 100% of the cost after your deductible is met!
  • With Petplan pet insurance, you never have to worry about an unexpected vet bill again. We have the most comprehensive coverage, fewest exclusions, and shortest wait periods in the industry! The best part? We work with any licensed vet in the US & Canada!

our coverage is best in show!

  • diagnostic treatments
  • surgery
  • prescription medication
  • imaging — mri, cat scan, ultrasound
  • cancer treatments
  • dental treatments (non-routine)
  • rehabilitation
  • alternative therapies
  • referral + specialist treatment
  • behavioral therapies
  • holistic treatments

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We’re rated 9.2 out of 10 on PetInsuranceReview.com where over 2,259 pet parents have barked about us! Here’s just a snapshot:

Our Husky, Jackson, had a very serious blockage from chewing on all sorts of things; 40% of his small intestine had to be removed, and he was at the vet for over a week. The final bill came to around $11,000, and Petplan reimbursed us nearly $8,000. The amount paid and the speed of payment was terrific. I will continue with this insurance — but plan to up the coverage!

- Al V.

My Happiness Manager was outstanding. She was proactive in chasing down outstanding documentation from my vet and kept me updated [on the status of my claim]. She was very polite and a pleasure to deal with. I think this reflects the values of Petplan and their total customer commitment.

- D.M.

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dog insurance

You can’t predict what your dog will eat, but you can plan for it.

And when your best friend gets sick, you do what every responsible pet parent does. You get your pup the top veterinary care he deserves with the tiptop bills to match.

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Cat-tastrophe strikes when you least expect It. Get ready, get Petplan

Your kitten finished your cocktail. Your cat didn’t land on her feet. And unless her paw modeling career pans out, it looks like you’re on the hook for the vet bills.

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