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background + practice
A Certified Veterinary Technologist, Kim Franck has spent six and a half years as a surgical and dental technician at Adamstown Veterinary Hospital in Denver, PA. As a member of a progressive practice that offers cutting-edge services, Franck has assisted in an array of procedures, including soft-tissue surgery, CCL stabilization and surgical dental extractions and restorations. She takes a vital role in her clinic, promoting client communication and education while remaining actively involved in patient care and diagnostics.

Adamstown Veterinary Hospital is one of the leading animal hospitals in Berks, Lebanon and Lancaster counties in Pennsylvania, continutally striving to stay on the cutting edge of veterinary technology and techniques to provide the highest level of care. The Adamstown team of four full-time veterinarians and more than 10 support staff provide an extensive list of services for dogs, cats and exotic pets, including: laser therapy, digital radiology surgery, digital dental radiology, pain management, soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries, wellness and preventative pet care.

Franck has a Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medical Technology and continues her education by attending classes and seminars, highlighting modern techniques and topics in veterinary medicine, including dentistry, anesthesia and radiography. She shares her home with her husband, Jim, and two retired racing Greyhounds, Neila and Lionel, who she takes on therapy dog visits to local retirement homes.

why her nomination stood out
Kim’s nomination, submitted by a client and devoted pet parent, demonstrates not only her abilities as a veterinary technician, but also her excellent ability to connect with pets and pet parents alike (hint: they all love her!): “Kim is personable, compassionate, very knowledgeable and very professional. We visit Adamstown on a regular basis with our 3 English Labs. Our oldest, Bexar, receives K-Laser Therapy nearly every other week (for numerous orthopedic problems/pain). … Kim was one of the first Vet Techs he met, so Bexar wanted to vote for Kim! She does not miss an opportunity to give ALL our boys lots and lots of love and affection.” - Carrie M., Wernersville PA

in her words
What is the most exciting advancement in veterinary medicine in the past 5 years?
"As veterinary professionals, we are able to offer clients various options for success in preventing illness, treating infections and managing disease in their pets. There have been so many advancements in medications and therapies that improve compliance and therefore improve patient care and quality of life. For example, we have an injection that provides antibiotic therapy for up to two weeks for “pill-shy pups” or fearful cats, or an ear medication that is administered only once daily for a shorter duration of treatment. We also have an assortment of broad-spectrum parasite preventatives that can be tailored to match the risk factors of each pet, and therapeutic diets that prevent or replace the need for daily medication. Each of these things helps with compliance, which in turn allow our pets to lead healthier lives."

How would you describe your relationship with your clients?
"The more communication I have with our clients, the more we can offer them. I strive to be clear, thorough and understanding when talking with clients about their needs, concerns and goals regarding their pets’ health and well-being. I try to maintain an approachable attitude, even in the busiest of our days, so that our clients can be heard."

What’s the most interesting case you’ve been involved with so far?
"An adult spayed female black Lab had presented to our office with a sore on her leg that she would lick at consistently. The owners were concerned, as her skin was irritated and inflamed in this area. She was treated for the presenting infection, however the licking would persist. A couple months later, we performed a dental prophylaxis, and upon probing and X-ray we discovered that she had several teeth affected by tooth resorption. The doctor performed dental extractions and crown amputations on several affected teeth to remove the source of nerve exposure and pain.
"When the patient was rechecked two weeks later, the client mentioned that her Lab was no longer licking at her leg, and the lesion was resolving. This was a very gratifying and interesting case, as it turned out that the “root” of the patient’s skin problem was hidden beneath her gumline! Those tooth resorptions were causing her to lick at her leg, due to referred pain. We were able to address two seemingly unrelated problems with one procedure."

a bit of fun
Favorite breed of best friend?  "My best friend can run 40 miles an hour, but prefers to lay around and be pampered. Yep! That’s a Greyhound, and I’m owned by two of them (Lionel and Neila)."

Favorite travel destination? "I love going anywhere there are seashells and sand."

Why do you love your job? "Every day is like a puzzle with each task acting as another piece. I never know how the pieces fit together until I see the 'big picture' at the end of the day."

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