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With a little love and luck, you can find the perfect name for your canine companion below!

In the Name of Love

From “Sweetie” to “Snookums” and “Snugglebear,” we have many names for those we love and protect – furry family members included. In addition to a pet name, Americans show their love for their four-legged sweethearts with treats, gifts and tokens of appreciation, especially around the holidays. And while calling “Rose” by any other name would be just as sweet, make sure your presents of affection aren’t putting Fido at risk by following these helpful holiday tips from Petplan VP of Veterinary Services Dr. Jules Benson.

More “sweet” ideas for your dog’s name include:

Babe, Buttercup, Brownie, Candy, Caramel, Cinnamon, Clementine, Cocoa, Cookie, Cupcake, Cupid,  Honey, Honey-Bear, Jelly Bean, Juliet, Lemon, Love Bug, Peaches, Pudding, Pumpkin, Romeo, Rosebud, Sugar, Sweetie, Sweet Pea,  Snookums, Snugglebear.

Try Your Luck

Your best friend’s breed could also help you choose the best pet name for your pooch – especially if they are accident prone! If you’re a pet parent to an American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bulldog, Wheaten Terrier, Border Collie or American Pit Bull Terrier, your clumsy companion ranks as one of the more unlucky breeds when it comes to getting into trouble. For those precarious pets, a name like “Maverick”, “Chance” or “Chase” might improve your luck (at least when it comes to calling them for dinner!).

Other lucky names to consider:

Bingo, Blackjack, Charm, Fortune, Gambit, Hero, Houdini, Jackpot, Shamrock, Yahtzee

Regardless of what you end up choosing to call your best friend, making sure their name and other important information is on a dog tag (and ideally, a microchip) can help ensure they return home should they ever stray. In addition, you can create and download a free Pet Rescue Alert with your pet’s name, picture and favorite hiding place to help firefighters find your pets faster in the event of an unexpected fire

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