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Traffic regulations aren’t the only rules of the road you need to know. When you’ve got pets in tow, it’s important to put safety in the driver’s seat. Rev your engine for this month’s health tip, where we’ll teach you how to keep furry friends protected.

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Did you know?

Not every pet is fit for trotting the globe—some personalities are better left relaxing at home. How can you tell if you’ve got a travel hound or couch potato kitty? Our pet travel guide will give you the wheel deal.
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One mode of travel could prove catastrophic for furry friends—and should never, ever be used. Driving with unsecured pets in the bed of a pickup truck puts their lives at risk, and there are alternatives to keep pets cruising safely. Learn how to put the brakes on this habit. 

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too hot to handle

Even on a mild day, you car’s temperature can turn deadly. Dogs don't sweat enough to cool off like humans; instead, they depend on panting to take in cool air and regulate their temperature. If they only have hot air to breathe, their temperature increases, putting them at risk of heat stroke.
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