The second half of the year is here! Help your pet through the other side of summer with these hot tips and tricks to beat the heat.

Spoiled Rotten - Food tends to spoil faster in warm weather, so keep an eye on your pet's dinner supply. Even if the expiration date is far away, if the food gets too hot (which can easily happen if a box of cans is left forgotten in the car trunk) bacteria can grow quickly. If it doesn't say it on the bag, check with your pet food manufacturer for the recommended storage temperature during hot weather.

Window Treatment - If you love to let in the breeze, be careful kitty doesn't take an unexpected trip off the windowsill. Despite their acrobatic abilities, cats can easily fall from ledges and windowsills and injure themselves, or worse. In fact, it happened to fetch! magazine Associate Petitor, Jethro! If you're going to leave windows open, make sure screens are securely fastened.

Chipping In - If you haven't microchipped your pet, now is a great time to do so, especially with events such as the Fourth of July on the calendar. Fireworks and other loud noises can make pets bolt, and a microchip is the best protection you can provide your pet - and the best chance they will find their way home. It's painless, invisible and takes only seconds to implant. And if you protect your pet with Petplan pet insurance, you can even get a 10% microchip discount per pet!

Vets for Pets
(June blogs to boost your pet prowess!)

Kitty Comforts - A Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study conducted earlier this year shows that one-third of cats have not been to the veterinarian in the past year. It's no surprise that taking a cat to the vet can be stressful, but routine exams are critical to kitty's well-being. Learn how to make your cat's next trip to the vet easier on both of you in this blog post from Dr. Kim Smyth.

Love Bites - Like many animal behaviors, dog bites are often misunderstood. What is often seen as an act of malice is often an act of defense for pets who are fearful or in pain. Learn why dogs bite and what to do if your pet becomes the victim of an unintended nip.

Home on the Mange - Sometimes a name is just a name, but when it comes to mangy mutts, it could actually refer to a medical condition called skin mites. Find out where mange mites come from and what effects the various types of mange can have on our four-legged best friends in this blog post from Dr. Smyth.

Working Like A Dog - recently profiled 11 pet-friendly workplaces in honor of PSI’s Take Your Dog to Work Day, which the pawnation celebrated on June 24th. Given that EVERY day at Petplan pet insurance is Take Your Dog to Work Day, it’s no surprise that we made the list! See the full list of best companies for best-friends here.

Go Green - The Green issue of fetch! magazine is out! Available in select Barnes & Noble stores nationwide, on iBooks and delivered free to policyholders, the issue touches on popular pet topics such as holistic veterinary medicine, organic pet food and hidden household hazards. Don't forget to enter this issue's contests to win a copy of The Bond by HSUS President Wayne Pacelle or a bag of Innova Adult Dog Food Large Bites!

Lick the Heat - Help your dog keep cool during outdoor garden parties with a free standing Ice Lick - simply freeze a favorite treat and let the licking begin!

Frankly Stylish - Napping indoors in the air conditioning has never been more fun or stylish than on one of these eco-friendly and super funky Paul Frank pet beds.

Bugging Out - Let kitty bug out boredom with these fun organic catnip cat toys shaped like a perennial summer visitor, the ladybug!

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No Fly Zone - With many parts of the country having already experienced record temperatures, review the travel restrictions most airlines place on pets checked as baggage during warm temps before you book a flight for Fido. Some companies won't fly four-legged travelers in cargo in temperatures above 85 degrees (or lower for brachycephalic breeds such as Bulldogs). If you must let the fur fly during the summer months, consider purchasing an in-cabin ticket for your pet (if the airline allows) or flying a pet-specialty airline.

Safety Fur-st - If your dog prefers to travel with the windows down on car rides, make sure he's safely secured. Pets can jump or fall out of car windows (an experience Petplan-protected Niko, a two-year-old Papillon, knows all too well). In fact, Petplan claims data shows that only 1% of Petplan claims related to motor vehicles are associated with pets being inside the vehicle and almost all of those are related to pets leaping from a moving vehicle due to lack of restraint! While Fido may love to let his tongue fly with the breeze, it's not the safest way to travel. Traveling via carrier is the safest route, but if you prefer to let your dog enjoy the fresh air, you should at least secure him via a pet-approved seat belt or harness. Speak to your veterinarian about the best options for your pet.

Heart in Danger - A new strain of heartworm infecting dogs and cats in some southern U.S. states has the veterinary community concerned for the safety of pets in the region. The new strain, called MP3, is transmitted by mosquitoes and has shown a resistance to traditional heartworm prevention medications. Because of the novelty of the strain, there is little information about how to best treat it, so most experts are still recommending pet parents protect their pets with monthly preventatives.

Splitting Hairs - A recent survey conducted by PetMD shows that 90 percent of pet owners would fight more passionately for their pets than for money in a divorce settlement. In addition, 66 percent polled would reject a presidential candidate who is perceived not to like pets! Have you ever chosen your pets over something (or someone) else? Visit us on Facebook and share your story!

Tainted Love - In June, select boxes of Bravo! Pig Ears were recalled due to a possible Salmonella contamination. This recall happened just weeks after Primal Pet foods issued a voluntary recall of select batches of their Feline Chicken & Salmon Formula for the same concerns. Salmonella contamination is one of the most common reasons for pet food recall, and can cause severe diarrhea and vomiting, possibly leading to dehydration and sepsis. If you suspect your pet has eaten contaminated food, contact your vet immediately.

June Poll Results
Where's your pet's favorite summer fun spot?
In the water - he loves to doggy paddle: 75%
In the air conditioning with his humans: 22%
Barking with the in-crowd at the dog park: 3%

When natural disasters impact our best friends, The HSUS is there to help. Just weeks after helping rehome pets from flood ravaged areas like Natchez, Mississipi, The HSUS donated $5,000 to the Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society to assist the organization in getting back on its paws after a tornadhen diso damaged their Springfield, Massachusetts, shelter. In addition, The HSUS recently sent animal rescue teams to Joplin, Missouri, to work alongside various local and national groups to care for nearly 500 animals displaced by tornados in that area as well!

"A Patriotic Tail"
Tell us how you and your pets celebrated America's favorite holiday and you could win a Kong Wobbler (for dogs 25 lbs and over)!

June's "A Sunny Tail" Contest Winner
"I have a one-year-old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix. Not only does she love to run and play, but she has a double coat, so is especially furry. This can be dangerous in the hot Arizona sun! To keep her safe, I have her fur shaved during the summer (which she loves). I also freeze her water so it melts slowly and stays cool. When we travel, I keep a blanket on the seat to keep it cool, and keep the AC turned up to cool the entire car. On trips to the park and traveling, we do freeze her water, as well as give her hospital ice, which she loves to munch on. She loves playing in the hose, and has a child's swimming pool to play in as well. She will also be taking a "Rattlesnake Avoidance" class soon."
- Lori Mansell - Tucson, AZ

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