The longest days of the year may be behind us, but summer temperatures (and vacation plans)
still remain. Chill out with these cool pet health tips fit for August fun — and everything after!

Too Hot to Trot - Tough as they are, our best friends' paw pads are still susceptible to extreme temperatures. An air temperature of only 77° F can result in an asphalt temperature of 125° F, at which point skin destruction can occur in just 60 seconds (meowch!). Burned paw pads can become infected and lead to worse problems, especially if your pet is prone to licking her feet. To keep your pet's pads safe, be mindful of hot surfaces exposed to the heat and sun, employ the use of protective dog booties or walk your pet when it is cooler, such as in the early morning or evening.

Dirty Work - If summer showers or muddy puddles have your pooch looking like a filthy Fido, remember that keeping his coat clean not only helps him stay pretty, but healthy, too: a dirty hair coat can house bacteria and fungus, and regular grooming helps detect hidden lumps, fleas and ticks. For help on getting a leg up on your pet's grooming, enter our John Paul Pet grooming package Giveaway, but hurry — giveaway ends August 23!

Fall from Grace - Love to let in the fresh air during warm summer months? Be wary of your four-legged window watchers. High-rise syndrome accidents (where pets — frequently cats, but sometimes dogs — fall from high-rise windows) increase during the summer months, and can lead to severe injuries such as broken bones, internal organ damage or worse. Just ask fetch! magazine Associate Petitor, Jethro, who took a tumble from a high-rise window a few years ago, but luckily escaped with all nine lives intact. To keep your pets protected, make sure your open windows are outfitted with secure screens.

Vets for Pets
(July blogs to boost your pet prowess!)

Testing, Testing - There are few tools more useful to your veterinarian to determine what ails your four-legged family members than diagnostic testing. Learn how one such test, the complete blood count (CBC), helps unravel the mysteries.

insurance-presents-understanding-the-mystery-of-diagnostic-testing-part-2-the-chemistry-panel" target="_blank" style="color: #53bfdf;">chemistry panel, the biopsy can be another important diagnostic test that helps your vet determine a definitive diagnosis. Find out why your veterinarian might make the cut at the Petplan blog.

Kitty Conundrum - Kittens are a common sight in the veterinary office during the summer. Unfortunately, so is respiratory infection. Learn why feline herpes virus is often to blame at the Petplan blog.

Front Page Furries - Last month, results from the Petplan pet travel survey were shared on the front page of the July 13th edition of USA Today! The graphic snapshot revealed that 43% of pet parents polled said they would be willing to spend more than $150 to have their pet along on a trip. For the latest pet travel tips, visit our Jet Set Pet board on Pinterest.

Summer Sizzlers - Petplan VP of Veterinary Services Dr. Jules Benson is always happy to lend a paw when it comes to providing pet health tips. Most recently, he helped contribute to an article for ABC News discussing the "Top 5 Summer Pet Health Hazards" for pets. To stay up to date on the latest Petplan news, visit our Press Room at

Survey Says - Last month, Petplan sent out our summer survey to policyholders and friends to learn more about their pet travel habits. Among the responses we received, we learned that a majority of those surveyed said they bring their furry friends along because as members of the family, they couldn't bear to leave them behind! In addition, most of the respondents said they would spend up to $20 on a souvenir for their four-legged best friends. Learn what else our surveyed pet parents had to say about their pet travel tendencies here.

Thoroughly Modern Kitty - Keep kitty's litter box cleverly concealed in this Modern Cat Furniture and Litter Box Cover purrfect for complementing your midcentury style.

Bottled Up - Keep your pet's food and water bowl close at hand during hikes or camping trips with this Collapsible Travel Cup complete with bottle holder and carabineer.

Tangled Up in You - Keep your best friend's leash from getting tangled around his legs thanks to this Coil Leash with comfortable neoprene handle.

A Burning Passion - Earlier this July, when fires ravaged many Western states and displaced thousands of animals and pets, The Humane Society of the United States was there to help. In addition to supporting our furry friends who were forced to evacuate — and those left behind — The HSUS also assisted in the delivery of more than 30,000 pounds of hay to feed some larger best friends… like the 200 horses at the North Cheyenne Indiana Reservation, which was impacted by the fires. For more disaster planning tips for pets and family, visit The HSUS website.

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Into Thin Air - According to our recent pet travel survey, 26% of pet parents polled said they bring their furry companions with them during air travel. Airlines impose strict policies for pets that wish to take to the friendly skies, and for good reason: At least 35 pets died during domestic air travel last year alone. If you do choose to fly with your pet, visit to stay up to date on the latest requirements, certificates needed and tools to make your trip as safe as possible.

The Kids Are Alright - As a parent, keeping your family healthy and happy is always at the top of your priorities. And as it turns out, your pet may be helping more than you think! A recent study to be published in the August issue of Pediatrics revealed that children who lived in a home with a pet were healthier overall: Babies in doggy-occupied domiciles were 44 percent less likely to develop ear infections and 29 percent less likely to need antibiotics than those who lived in canine-free homes.

Puppy Peril - Veterinarians in Alabama are reporting a high number of cases of parvovirus this summer, which poses a significant risk to pets. The virus, which is extremely contagious and very hardy, can often lead to diarrhea, dehydration, septic infection of the blood and even death in unvaccinated animals. Historically, Alabama has been a hotspot for parvovirus, alongside states like Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. Learn how to keep your puppy protected from the deadly parvovirus at the Petplan blog.

Keeping Pace with Cancer - A new canine-cancer treatment could open up the doors for treating pets, and eventually humans, down the road. Using a novel treatment called V-VET1, a virus-based therapy that delivers a multipronged attack on cancer cells, veterinary specialists from California Veterinary Specialists Angel Care Cancer Center are able to target the tumors without affecting healthy tissue or using chemotherapy or radiation.

Don't let ice cream night with the family go to the dogs. Keep your furry family members in the loop with these delectably cool dessert cups — just for them!

Frozen Peanut Butter Banana Pops

You'll need:
3 six-ounce containers of plain, low-fat yogurt
1/2 cup of low-sodium peanut butter
1 four-ounce jar of banana baby food
1 Tbsp honey

To make this recipe:
In a medium bowl, combine all ingredients. Blend well. Pour mixture into small cups (Dixie cups work well). Place dog bone in mixture (to serve as the handle). Freeze. Once frozen, peel away paper cup and serve!

Recipe via For more homemade pet treat recipes, visit our Treat Them Well board on Pinterest.

"Adopt Love"
August is Adopt a Homeless Pet Month. Tell us your pet adoption story for a chance to win a $25 AMEX gift card, the perfect gift for spoiling your rescue pet with new toys and treats!

July Story Contest Winner
(Tell us what you love most about being a pet parent)

“When it comes to deciding what I love most about being a pet parent, it's difficult to pick one thing! Our 2½ year old Beagle, Randal, has brought so much joy into my life each and every day since we adopted him from a shelter over a year ago. I love how he helps keep me and my husband active with daily neighborhood walks and hikes on local trails. On days when I'm feeling down or upset, he seems to know it's time to place one of his toys in my lap for a playful game of tug-o-war, something that always cheers me up. At bedtime, he always takes my spot on the bed, giving me an adorable "Who, me?" look when I move him out of the way. His occasional howling, snoring and whimpering have become some of my favorite sounds of all time. His unique personality and loyalty make me proud to provide him with a safe, loving home.”
— Tamara M., Colorado Springs, CO

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